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China Nerin Concluded a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with UAE Forward Resources

         On the morning of December 7, a grand signing ceremony of engineering design contract for a 100kt/a copper cathode project and strategy cooperation agreement between China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd. (China Nerin) and UAE Forward Resources Industries LLC (UAE Forward Resources) was held in the headquarters of China Nerin. China Nerin Chairman ZHANG Xiaobo and President WU Runhua extended a warm welcome to the visit of UAE Forward Resources Chairman and President SONG Bin and his colleagues before an amicable meeting.

         At the meeting, WU Runhua introduced the basic profile, business areas and international development of China Nerin. UAE Forward Resources, as he said, is deeply involved in the Middle East in non-ferrous metals smelting, resources trading and information services. China Nerin hopes to develop engineering business with UAE Forward Resources. The signing of the strategic agreement further promotes the cooperation between the two companies in engineering business. In the next, China Nerin will fully integrate the strengths of all parties and deepen the cooperation in all aspects for win-win results.

         SONG Bin introduced the general conditions of the project-to-be and said China Nerin is an international leading technology-driven engineering company with excellent talent team, rich design experience and engineering performance. UAE Forward Resources and China Nerin have a broad future in engineering business. SONG Bin hopes the two sides will achieve win-win cooperation in more areas in the future and join hands to make engineering business stronger, better and larger.

         After the meeting, China Nerin Vice President LIU Xueke and UAE Forward Resources Vice President WU Gang signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of their company. The two companies will follow the principle of "supplying needs to each other by steady and pragmatic practices for win-win cooperation" and implement in-depth cooperation in engineering technology, equipment export, market development and project searching in the future.

         The heads of relevant departments of China Nerin and UAE Forward Resources attended the meeting and signing ceremony.


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